Sverdlovsk veteran gave expired mayonnaise on Victory Day

The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, the veteran of work and the toiler of the back, presented as a gift in honor of the upcoming Victory Day bag with expired mayonnaise. On Friday, may 5, the Agency told her grandson.

He explained that on may 4 the grandmother was invited to the Fat factory where she worked, to congratulate with the upcoming holiday. “Comes with a full bag of cheese mayonnaise (…) shelf Life pleased,” said Yekaterinburg.

It is noted that the pensioner issued 16 packages of mayonnaise and a dozen sauces in plastic jars. Said to them the production date — 28 November 2016, and they can be stored for 150 days, that is, the shelf life was to expire in April. At temperatures up to 18 degrees, the period is extended for 30 days, but members of the Agency noted that to eat this amount of mayonnaise for the remaining time still fail.

Donated to the veteran mayonnaise produced in Yekaterinburg Fat plant. In a press-service of the company confirmed that it gave the seniors their own products, but reviews about the expiry date was not given.

Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Sverdlovsk region intends to inspect in the company of the incident. In the message the press service the name of the company, who retired expired products, not specified.

In November 2016, it was reported that the Saratov veterans of the battle of Moscow gave the grinder. In the regional Ministry of social development explained that they chose the gifts based on the wishes and proposals of the relatives of pensioners.