Scientists and activists criticized Ivanka trump for the use of their quotes in her book

Scientists and activists criticized Ivanka trump for the use of their quotes in her book

Moscow. May 5. INTERFAX.RU Scientists and activists have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that their statements were included in his book the daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka, reports on Friday, NBC News.

New book the eldest daughter of an American President titled “Women who work: rewriting the rules of success” went on sale this week.

The author positions the book as a collection of tips for working women on how to succeed.

In it, trump including quotes of famous scientists and activists. Lawyer and founder of the nongovernmental organization Girls Who Code, which offers free educational courses in the field of programming for high school girls, Reshma sajani of sharply expressed regarding the inclusion of quotes in the book trump.

“Ivanka trump, do not use my story in the book until you cease to be involved (in the case of the father — if)”, — she wrote in his Twitter.

For a while, Ivanka Trump’s new book reads like the best valedictorian speech ever

— New York Times Arts (@nytimesarts) may 2, 2017.

American writer of Dominican origin Junot Diaz, whose statement also quoted trump, said that they would prefer to see in her book that other quote.

“I would prefer if she chose a quote about the need to combat white supremacy or about the vile racism of her father, directed against migrants,” he said.

In addition, expressed their dissatisfaction businesswoman amber Ahmad, who left the banking sector and opened his own bakery.

In turn, the United Nations messenger of peace, primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist from the UK Jane Goodall told the TV station that trump did not put it on notice about what is going to quote her in the book, but expressed the hope that she is fully aware of that. She noted that although her father had already subjected the nature of the great danger, trump will do all that it can to preserve the planet for future generations.

Besides the above mentioned, trump is also quoted former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, television personality Oprah Winfrey, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Actresses mindy Kaling and Cynthia Nixon, one of the world’s most successful investors and businessmen Warren Buffett and others.

Trump refused to participate in the advertising campaign of the book and promised to give all proceeds to charity, saying he wants to avoid accusations of using his position.