Residents of Bubnovka found alcohol in the basement of the burned store and drank it

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Residents of the village of Bubnivka in the Irkutsk region, which was damaged by fire on April 28, found in the basement of the burnt store alcohol and drank it. It is reported STRC “Irkutsk”.

“They drank it. Everything is fine. We have declared prohibition. Two shops that are left, they sold wine and spirits. There are the people who are inadequate in the dry law. They put up a police post and the emergencies Ministry”, — said Kirill Svetlin, head of Kirensky district, where is located the town.

28 April in the village where there were about 90 houses, was set on fire. The cause of the fire was a short in the wiring. Because of the strong wind, the fire quickly spread throughout the village. In the end, burned 59 homes. No one was killed. The damage continues to count the special Commission. At this point in the village live more than 100 people — their house was not damaged. Before the fire, the population was approximately 430 people IrkutskMedia reports.

According STRC “Irkutsk”, furnished in Bubnivka is now stable power supply is restored.

Investigators opened a criminal case under article 293 of the criminal code (“Negligence”). The investigation will assess the actions (inaction) of the local authorities.

The Minister of social development of the Irkutsk oblast Vladimir Rodionov as reported RIA Novosti, said that the Bubnivka will not recover. “It is not economically feasible, as in the settlement of social institutions remained only club. School and kindergarten destroyed by fire. Residents will be relocated to the city of Kirensk, and the village of Alekseyevskaya (…). Houses that survived, will be used by people as giving” — he said.