Putin warned officials against cheating the may decrees and remembered Lenin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the responsibility for the substandard performance of works on implementation of the may decrees to be harder than the missed deadlines. His words are on the Kremlin website on Thursday, may 4.

“In the year of the 100th anniversary of the October revolution does not hurt to recall the well-known classics (quote by Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), when he talked about the fact that sometimes the form is correct, and in essence — mockery” — he said at a joint meeting of the state Council and the Commission on monitoring of achievement of key indicators of socio-economic development.

He stressed that the report for “performance of outstanding obligations” — much worse than not to do the work at all, or to disrupt the timing of the program. “It distorts the very essence of our work”, — said Putin.

Although the implementation decrees have little time, all work must be carried out efficiently, “without lie to people,” the President said. “Again, it will be worse than not done in time, I want to warn you”, he concluded.

Earlier on 4 may it was reported that Putin at the meeting were asked to assess the implementation of the may decrees of the head of the Executive Committee of the Russian popular front (onf), Alexey Anisimov. He said that of the 179 orders that are on the control front, full 35, 100 need improvement.

The may decrees were signed by the Russian President in the spring of 2012. 11 documents with instructions to the government, the implementation of which is aimed at improving the quality of life of Russians. In particular, according to them, by 2018 the salary of state employees should grow in 1,5 times, and affordable housing should be provided, 60% of families.