Philip politically incorrect: the scandalous remarks of the Prince

Philip politically incorrect: the scandalous remarks of the Prince

The Duke of Edinburgh are known for their reckless and often very politically incorrect remarks.


Russian service Bi-bi-si has made is not a complete collection of statements of Prince Philip, which made many people feel uncomfortable.


The exhibition of primitive art of the ancient Ethiopians, the Prince muttered: “something like this could bring my daughter with a school lesson on the fine arts”.


The Duke made a lot of noise, publicly claiming that “British women can’t cook”.


Answering the question if he would like to visit the Soviet Union: I would love to go to Russia, although those bastards and killed half my family.

The Greek Royal family, of which Prince Philip had numerous family ties with the Russian Imperial house: in particular, his grandmother on the paternal side, nee Olga Romanova, was the daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich and the niece of Emperor Alexander II.


After the participation of the singer Tom Jones at the Royal charity concert: “What do you gargle with pebbles?”.

A little later, the Prince added: “Seriously, it is very difficult to understand how they can achieve such incredible popularity, performing the most heinous, I think, of the song”.


After the economy fell into recession and thousands of people lost their jobs: “Previously, all excitedly tell me I need more rest. And now they complain that they were left without work”.


Taking the statue from the women of Kenya during his visit to this country: “You’re a woman, I’m not mistaken?”.


“The Chinese will happily eat anything if it has four legs (except the chair), or it flies on two wings (except aircraft), or it is floating (except the submarine),” said the Prince at a meeting of the world wildlife Fund (WWF).

In the same year, during an official visit to China, he noticed a group of British students: “If you stay here a little longer, all your eyes will be slanted”.

Beijing thus Queen consort called creepy.


British tourist in Hungary: “it can Not be that you’ve been here very long — you haven’t ate big belly”.


“Unless most of you are not descendants of the pirates?” asked the Prince of a resident of the Cayman Islands.

“Don’t feed your rabbits pawpaw fruit — they have a contraceptive effect — advised Prince Philip breeder rabbits on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. — Although, perhaps, in rabbits it may not occur…”.


How do you get local drivers to not drink long enough to pass the exam? — asked the Duke to a Scottish driving instructor.


In the Parking lot of the University of Oxford Philip at first did not recognize one of the employees, for which the Duke rewarded him with a definition of “a damn fool”.


In a conversation with the student, who traveled to Papua New Guinea: “So, you managed to remain uneaten?”.


Children from the British deaf Association, standing in Cardiff not far from Caribbean traditional percussion band: “Deaf? If you listen to music like this at close range, so no wonder you are deaf”.


Guests at the opening ceremony of the new building of the British Embassy in Berlin, which cost £ 18 million: “the amount of space wasted!”.

At a reception at Buckingham Palace, the Prince approached the group of women MPs from the ruling labour party, saying: yeah, and here we have, then, area feminists.

During the dinner the Prime Minister of Italy Giuliano Amato in Rome the Duke was offered a choice of several fine Italian wines. His reaction, as reported, was: “Give me a beer. Don’t even care what, just bring beer!”

“People think that we have a rigid class system, but it happens that the Dukes marry chorus girls. And some of them not even American” (uncle of Elizabeth II, crown Prince Edward VIII, abdicated to marry twice divorced American Wallis Simpson).


Elton John: “Oh, so you’re the owner of that nightmarish car? We often see it on the way to Windsor castle”.

13-year-old Andrew Adams, who told the Prince that dreams to fly into space: “You’re too fat to be an astronaut”.


“Still rush at each other with spears?” — asked the Duke in the Australian aborigines.

“If you have traveled with me, you would have definitely appreciated how much improved the design of the aircraft in terms of noise reduction and increasing comfort. Of course, this is only the case if you are traveling the so-called economy class, which itself even sounds terrible,” shared Philip’s experience with members of the British Association of aircraft.


At a meeting with Queen Elizabeth and her husband the President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo came in traditional costume of their country, which Prince Philip a joke with the pyjamas: “You look like you are ready to go to sleep!”.


The young designer Steven judge was invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace, where the friendly owner, Prince Philip noticed his tiny goatee: “Design your beard you didn’t really succeed, right? Seriously, over the beard you need to work more”.


Asking 24-year cadets of the Maritime College Elizabeth Randal, than she does for a living, and hearing that she works at the night club (behind the bar), the Duke said: “It’s a strip club?” and, receiving a negative reply, said that “for this, there’s probably anyway too cool”.

In conversation with the leader of the Conservative party in Scotland Annabelle Goldie, the Prince asked if the panties are made from the traditional Scottish plaid wool material which is in Russian and sometimes called “tartan”.


Managing Director of wind power, the Prince said that wind turbines as “absolutely useless” and called them “an absolute disgrace”.


Faced with a 60-year-old disabled David Miller, to move the automatic wheelchair, the Prince of all asked: “And how many people you hit with this thing this morning?”.

25-year-old Hannah Jackson, who came to the reception on the occasion of the Diamond jubilee in a dress fastened with a zipper from top to bottom in the front, the Duke said: “If I undo the zipper, I’ll be arrested”.


“The Philippines must be half empty — you’ve all come here and run our health care system,” said Prince Philip to the nurse of Philippine origin, who laughed in response.

Malala yousafzai who survived a Taliban assassination attempt and fighting for the right of Muslim girls to education, the Prince said that “children go to school because parents do not want to be stuck at home.”