In Tajikistan explained the failure to carry out the action “Immortal regiment”

In Tajikistan explained the failure to carry out the action “Immortal regiment” DUSHANBE, may 5 — RIA Novosti, Lidia Isamova. State national information Agency of Tajikistan (NIAT) “Khovar” has issued a statement saying that the action “Immortal regiment” was not in the plans for the celebration of Victory Day in Tajikistan. According to the statement, the continuation of the war in the border areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan does not allow for the additional shares, except for those scheduled at Victory Park. In addition, according to Islamic tradition it was unacceptable to go outside and avenues with portraits of the dead, this action is contrary to Islamic values. “In recent days, Republican and foreign mass media published different points of view about what the action “Immortal regiment” will be taken. Brought to the attention of the media, what about carrying out on may 9 of the Victory Day the President

In the jungle of Thailand found a lost batch of migrants from Myanmar

Archive photo Thai police have arrested a 35 Myanmar citizens who were trying to smuggle to Malaysia and left in the woods. About it reports Reuters. Residents of one village in the province of Nakhon si Thammarat informed the police about the strange people who roam the surrounding forests and going at the abandoned farm for the breeding of shrimp. Arrived at the scene, police arrested 28 men and 7 women without documents. They said that they agreed with the smugglers, that they will take them to Malaysia, but mid-way they just tossed people out of the truck and drove away, leaving them in the jungle. In March 2017, the Thai police also detained 27 people who were trying to sneak into Malaysia. Mostly illegal migrants belong to the Rohingya people, who live in the Western parts of Myanmar. As Muslims, the Rohingya complained of harassment on the part of

In the United States when landing crashed cargo plane

Archive photo In the U.S. city of Charleston, West Virginia, crashed during landing cargo plane. About it reports NBC News. The turboprop Short 330 was landing at the airport of Yeager. One wing of the machine touched the ground in front of the runway, then the airplane rolled over and entered the forest. On Board were two people — the pilot and co-pilot, both of them died. According to airport staff, the crew showed no alarms and no reported faults or potential issues during landing. The plane belonged to the company Air Cargo Carriers Inc., working as a subcontractor for a logistics company United Parcel Service (UPS). Yeager airport is closed, there is declared an emergency. Short 330 British short-haul turboprop aircraft. Produced in passenger and cargo versions. Until 1984, it was built 136 cars currently in operation remain 14 aircraft of this type, half of which belongs to Air

On the Afghan-Pakistan border, dozens of people died because of the census

On the Afghan-Pakistan border broke out fight, it reported dozens of deaths. Details leads Reuters. The conflict began due to the fact that in one of the villages on the Pakistani side of the border came from a group of scribes guarded by soldiers. The Afghan side was considered that the census was only a pretext in order to encourage citizens to cross the border and attack Afghan checkpoints, and opened fire. In result one person was killed, 18 were wounded. The Pakistani military responded with artillery fire, began a duel. According to police the Afghan province of Kandahar, killed 40 Pakistani soldiers, 14 Afghan border guards and 23 civilians. The Pakistani side their loss is not confirmed. The Agency with reference to sources in medical circles reported three dead in a shootout. Relations between the countries remain strained: they accuse each other of supporting terrorists in the neighboring territories.

From the apartment of the deceased pensioner in Pavlovsk passed a hundredweight of TNT

archive In the city of Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg in the apartment of a house found a large batch of explosives. On Friday, may 5, writes “”. According to the newspaper, apartment for Gummolosary the street has been empty since the autumn of 2013 after the death of its owner. It is known that the man living there before retirement he worked in the Ministry of defence. Workers found in the apartment of a suspicious box, inside of which there were about a hundred kilograms of TNT, hundreds of detonators and firecrackers, as well as tens of thousands of cartridges of different caliber. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers issued ammunition from the apartment, the tenants in that moment were evacuated. All found ammunition were sent for examination. 3 may in the South of Moscow, was found a cache with explosives. The apartment found two Kalashnikov assault rifles, ammunition,

Wanted ex-Governor was going to be treated abroad for another month

Mikhail Yurevich Former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich plans to continue treatment outside of Russia at least until June 6. This was announced by the former assistant official Julia Bobyleva, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, may 5. “Yurevich will be abroad in the clinic until June 6 before this time will last his treatment,” — said Bobylev. According to her, the doctors do not give accurate predictions about whether the ex-Governor to return to Russia after the specified date. Bobylev said that “everything will depend on his state of health”. The assistant also added that has no information about the announcement of the former Governor in the international search. “The relevant documents from the investigating authorities, we did not. Wasn’t this information on the official websites of the Investigative Committee of Russia,” she said. Earlier on Friday, the lawyer of ex-Governor Igor Trunov said that Yurevich declared in the

In Antalya killed Russian tourist

In Antalya killed Russian tourist ANKARA, 5 may — RIA Novosti, Alain Palazhchenko. General Consulate in Antalya confirmed the death of Russian tourist Anastasia Zakharova, told RIA Novosti Consul Alex Ivanov. According to him, Zakharov died in a parachute jump in the area of Babadag mountain in the resort town of Fethiye, in southwest Turkey. “She lost control of the parachute and dropped from a great height,” — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the Consulate General is in contact with local authorities to ascertain the details of the incident. “In the case of the family, we can issue the death certificate and assist you send the body to Russia. This is standard procedure. While none of us on this issue is not addressed,” — said Livanov. As noted by the Consul, this is not the first accident with the paratroopers in Fethiye. Informed about the death of 26-year-old Russian

In Antalya check the information about the death of Russian tourists

In Antalya check the information about the death of Russian tourists ANKARA, 5 may — RIA Novosti, Alain Palazhchenko. Consulate General of Russia in Antalya verifying information about the death of Russian tourists when jumping with a parachute in the resort of Fethiye in the Mugla province in southwest Turkey, said to RIA Novosti, the Consul General Oleg Rogoza on Friday. Earlier, Turkish media reported the death of 26-year-old tourist from Russia Anastasia Zakharova jump with a parachute from the mountain. According to preliminary data, she confused the parachute and the reserve parachute did not deploy and she fell into the sea with a 40-meter height. Called to the scene, the doctors to save her failed. Fethiye Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the incident. “We check this information, sent a request to Turkish authorities waiting for an answer,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Media: in France, found the remains of a unique marine reptiles

Media: in France, found the remains of a unique marine reptiles MOSCOW, 5 may — RIA Novosti. The unique remains of marine reptiles discovered in the Department of Maine et Loire in Western France, radio station France Info. According to radio station, the researchers believe the discovery of the “unique” and “changing a lot”. Scientists believe that the reptile lived in the region 90 million years ago. According to paleontologist Peggy Vincent, up to this time scientists “knew nothing or only some small details” about a group of plesiosaurs in Europe during this period. Earlier, the remains of the marine reptiles of the same age are found only in North Africa and the USA. Un Saumurois Quand tombe sur un Os dans ses caves troglodytes, il écrit une histoire de 90 millions d années @Museum_Angers #CultureAngers — Ville d’angers (@Angers) may 4, 2017 Now, thanks to this discovery, scientists

The inventor of Ufa came up with a way of charging gadgets from a fire

The inventor of Ufa came up with a way of charging gadgets from a fire Ufa inventor Aidar Khairullin invented a way of charging smartphones and other gadgets from the fire. For this he gathered a special oven-charging, which does not require any electricity. The story of an unusual design appeared in the air GTRK “Bashkortostan”. The kit to the stove is a small box — generator — with USB connector that cultivates heat from electricity without driving elements. According to the developer, the time for charging from the stove is required as much and from the network. His invention Khairullin created within two years. He has already collected 100 ovens-chargers and set them to the first customers, including tourists from the US and the UK. In the near future he plans to create a proximity switch.