In addition, in the TFR after verifying the purchase of the aircraft “Mail of Russia”

Russian Prosecutor General’s office confirmed that it had sent materials on the purchase of “Mail of Russia” two Tu-204 aircraft to the Investigative Committee, reports TASS. “These materials were indeed sent by prosecutors to the investigating authorities”, — said the Agency official representative of the Supervisory Department Alexander Kurennoy. In a press-service of “Mail of Russia” reported that the purchase of two haul aircraft conducted in full compliance with the requirements of procurement legislation, including agreed with the Ministry of communications. On the Prosecutor General’s office inquiry into the purchase of aircraft was reported in January. “Mail of Russia” in December of 2016 has launched the transportation on their own aircraft Tu-204, which was named in honor of Peter I and Catherine II. Currently operates flights to Russia, then the aircraft will fly also in the countries of East Asia. The operator acquired the aircraft in “Ilyushin Finans Ko” (IFK)

On the autobahn near Munich has faced two passenger buses

Archive photo On the Expressway near Munich, an accident involving two buses and four cars. It is reported Focus. The accident resulted in minor injuries and injured several people, mostly children, who were in one of the machines. At the scene working rescuers and doctors. Highway closed to traffic. 25 April in the center of the Polish city Zavada (łódź Voivodeship) overturned bus with tourists from Belarus. According to the press-Secretary of the local police Department Adam Kolasa, just the car was carrying 41 passengers. The group was returning from a tourist trip to Prague. The accident injured 18 people. With different injuries were hospitalized in the nearest hospitals. Four days earlier in South Africa at least 17 students were killed in a road accident in Mpumalanga. The bus in which there were children, went off the road, overturned and caught fire.

USA will take the control ports of the Russian far East because of the sanctions against the DPRK

The house of representatives Thursday, April 4, approved a bill paving the way for tougher sanctions against North Korea, reports Reuters. The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority of 419 to one. In particular, the document orders maintain records for compliance or non-compliance with the ports of various countries in the context of the sanctions against the DPRK. In this context, refers to the ports of China (Dandong, Dalian), Iran (Abadan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr), Syria (Latakia, Tartus) and Russia (Nakhodka, Vanino and Vladivostok). The US government will have to conduct a more thorough check of the goods that are transported by the courts, who visited North Korea or transported through a seaport or airport, repeatedly convicted of failure to comply with UN security Council resolutions. The Law on security of ports and waterways, amended, prohibit any foreign ship from entering or operating in U.S. waters, or to transport cargo

The senators withdrew the bill on the prohibition of advertising with a map of Russia without the Crimea

The members of the Federation Council Olga Cowicide and Sergei Tsekov withdrew the bill on the prohibition of advertising with a picture of Russian map without Crimea and Sevastopol. This is recorded in the parliamentary database of the legislative activity. “We made a bill, but when they began to work on it, I realized that this problem is much broader and requires a more detailed explanation,” — said Tsekov in an interview with TASS on Thursday, may 4. The new version of the bill will affect not only advertising, but also a situation where “somewhere at work, and not only public, will be indicated by a map of Russia without the Crimea,” said the Senator. According to him, the document will be developed before the end of the spring parliamentary session. Tsekov and Cowfile (both represent in the Federation Council the Republic of Crimea) introduced a bill to the state

Putin warned officials against cheating the may decrees and remembered Lenin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the responsibility for the substandard performance of works on implementation of the may decrees to be harder than the missed deadlines. His words are on the Kremlin website on Thursday, may 4. “In the year of the 100th anniversary of the October revolution does not hurt to recall the well-known classics (quote by Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin — approx. “Of the”), when he talked about the fact that sometimes the form is correct, and in essence — mockery” — he said at a joint meeting of the state Council and the Commission on monitoring of achievement of key indicators of socio-economic development. He stressed that the report for “performance of outstanding obligations” — much worse than not to do the work at all, or to disrupt the timing of the program. “It distorts the very essence of our work”, — said Putin. Although

The plane from Dubai unscheduled villages in Ufa from-for rehearsals of Parade of Victory

The aircraft of the airline FlyDubai flying to Yekaterinburg from Dubai (UAE), made an unplanned landing at the airport of Ufa. On Wednesday, may 3, TASS reported the press service of the Yekaterinburg Koltsovo harbors. They explained that the commander of the ship decided to land due to the fact that in the sky over Yekaterinburg held a rehearsal of flight of military aircraft before Victory Day, which Koltsovo was temporarily closed. At the destination the aircraft arrived with a two-hour delay. May 3 in the Sverdlovsk, Samara, Novosibirsk regions and Krasnoyarsk Krai held its first military training aircraft that will take part in May 9 Victory day Parade. In the skies over Yekaterinburg flew aircraft L-410, An-26, An-12, several attack planes, su-25SM, relocated to the Ural mountains of Kyrgyzstan, as well as the links of the bombers su-24M and MiG-31BM. Military parades in honor of May 9 this year

The U.S. justice Department began a criminal investigation against Uber

The U.S. justice Department began a criminal investigation against Uber The U.S. justice Department began a criminal investigation in respect of the use of Uber, which helped the drivers to avoid the local authorities, reports Reuters, citing informed sources. According to them, the investigation is at an early stage. As noted by one of the sources, the company received a request from a Grand jury in Northern California to provide documents about how it worked and how it was used. Previously, Uber acknowledged that this “Greyball” — helped identify and avoid the officials who tried to prevent the activities of companies in the areas where its services have not yet received the sanction of the local authorities (for example, in Portland, Oregon). Uber banned the use Greyball for this purpose shortly after the New York Times told about the existence of such software in March. Then the company said that

Suspected terrorist detained at London airport

Suspected terrorist detained at London airport The counter-terrorism Department of the police of London detained at Heathrow airport in the British capital a man suspected of recruiting the ranks of the terrorists and of plotting a terrorist act, according to Scotland Yard. The report said that the man was detained after arriving from Istanbul. The police brought him to the police station in South London, the specified address of the residence of the man, reports TASS. According to intelligence agencies, the man was preparing a terrorist attack in the UK and recruited people to a terrorist group.