Kim Jong UN urged the army of the DPRK to be ready to “break the backbone of the enemy”

Kim Jong UN urged the army of the DPRK to be ready to “break the backbone of the enemy”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN visited military units on the two Islands at the South-Western border of the DPRK, saying that Pyongyang is considering a strike on South Korea, reports the Central cable Agency of Korea (KCNA).

During his visit, as the edition notes, the politician visited his observation post of the South Korean island of Yongpyong, and listened to the report of the Director of the artillery Bureau of North Korea Pak Chong Chong “on recent movements of the enemy.”

“Protecting the South-Western front” elite artillery group of the DPRK, as declared by this is Kim Jong UN, “needs to be very careful” and ready to “break the backbone of the enemy” if you want her to do it, quoted the North Korean leader KCNA.

On the southwestern border of North Korea, according to Central news Agency, the head of the DPRK also visited the place of firing and shelter, met with the “combat readiness” of the country.

In addition, Kim Jong-UN, according to KCNA, toured military barracks in the Islands, visited the cafeteria and visited the “newly built vegetable greenhouses and stables.”

According to an unnamed source, Yonhap, it is known that North Korea deploys on two Islands off the country’s borders with South Korea “a few rocket launchers and artillery”

In particular, on the island of Mu, which was visited by Kim Jong-UN, as said the interlocutor of the Agency, is a gun mount, which in 2010 was launched on the island of Yongpyong in South Korea.

Earlier, in may, the Korean Peninsula began military exercises, which took part in the American strategic bombers.

In North Korea, in turn, these maneuvers of military aircraft of the United States called a push to the brink of nuclear war. About U.S. military exercises, Pyongyang has also responded as “reckless military provocation”.

First in South Korea were also partially deployed THAAD missile defense system. As was stated then that the us military, she was fully prepared “to shoot down missiles of North Korea”.