CNN: the Pentagon acknowledged that the United States in Syria airstrike on mosque

CNN: the Pentagon acknowledged that the United States in Syria airstrike on mosque

NEW YORK, may 5. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Representatives of the Central command (CENTCOM) us forces acknowledged that the US air force 16 Mar struck near the Syrian village of al-Gene structure, which was part of the mosque. This was reported Thursday by CNN.

According to his sources, this conclusion was made in the course of investigation conducted by CENTCOM. In its area of operational responsibility included primarily the middle East. Earlier, several media outlets claimed that the attack killed dozens of civilians.

The Pentagon denied it, and that when the blow was partially destroyed mosque. The US defense Department insisted that the destruction was only the militants of the terrorist network al-Qaeda, which were found in the building, located near houses of worship.

According to CNN, the us military is forbidden to strike at buildings used for religious purposes. The same applies to hospitals and schools. However, this limitation may be removed if the buildings settled the militants and no civilians.

The representative of the Ministry of defense, the U.S. captain of the first rank Navy Jeff Davis March 17, claimed that the airstrike in question, does not entail the death of civilians. According to him, were destroyed dozens of terrorists, including influential militants.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in March that Moscow was not questioning the fact that the aim of the air strikes inflicted by the American side in the area of the Syrian village of al-Gina, were terrorists.