Clinton was going to Fund resistance groups Trump

Hillary Clinton

Former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton intends to create a political party for financing of public resistance to initiatives of the President of Donald trump. It is reported by CNN, citing a source close to Clinton.

According to those familiar with the situation sides of the channel, the politician assembles a team of his former advisers and aides, which will seek donations and contributions to various community organizations who opposed the election of trump’s head of state.

One of the sources said that Clinton was impressed by the scale of the protests against trump and decided to help them. The new structure will be called “Together forward” (Onward Together) that is consonant with the slogan of its election campaign “stronger Together” (Stronger Together).

On 29 March it was reported that Clinton made a speech in which he noted that the trump is facing strong public opposition to and demonstrations against the policies of President is just beginning.

“Those who hitherto was not involved in politics, began to share their stories at meetings in municipal administrations. These are people who have something to say, people who want to be heard,” said former Secretary of state.