At the refinery of LUKOIL in Perm there was a fire

At the refinery of LUKOIL in Perm there was a fire

Moscow. May 5. INTERFAX.RU — Firefighters are battling a fire that broke out in the night of Friday in territory of a refinery in Perm.

As reported “Interfax” in the EMERCOM in Perm region, the message about the fire at the Industrial building was received at 03:38 local time on Friday. The fire is localized at 08:00, fire suppression continues.

“Firefighters responded to a call on the third number. According to preliminary information, no victims. Is the management of EMERCOM in Perm region”, — said the representative of the press service.

An Agency source familiar with the situation said that the fire occurred at the plant for refining.

The press service of the refineries, “Interfax” said that on may 5 at 3:27 (Moscow time) during launch operations after the stopping of fixation in the vacuum block of installation AVT-4, OOO “LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez” there was a fire that was localized in 6:01. “The installation of the AVT-4 is stopped. Other objects work in a planned mode”, — said at the factory.

“The safety of the residents of nearby settlements threatens nothing. The incident was reported to the appropriate Supervisory authorities”, — declared in “LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez”.