Upon pouring the Bulk green prosecuted

Upon pouring the Bulk green prosecuted

It happened on April 29, two days after the attack.

In fact committed on April 27 attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny is still April 29 opened a criminal case under article 116 of the Criminal code (“Beating”), case management leads the organization of inquiry of the MIA Main Department for Moscow, said on Thursday, “Vedomosti” Federal official and confirmed by a source in the investigative bodies.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office examined the materials and agreed with the legality of the criminal case, said the interlocutors. According to Federal officials, progress for all high-profile attacks of recent days — including Navalny, an activist of the “Yabloko” Natalia Fedorova and blogger Ilya Varlamov — controlled “at the highest level.”

27 April unknown poured green paint in the face Navalny, who received a chemical burn of the right eye moderate.

The politician said that now he has only 15% vision in his right eye and he could face a corneal transplant.

On 28 April the activist of the “Yabloko” Fedorova splashed in the face a chemical solution, with the result that she lost her eyesight. April 26, in Stavropol, twice per day with green paint splashed in the face blogger Varlamov.

On Thursday Vladimir Putin at the opening of the monument to Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich said that “violence, murder, whatever the political slogans they may camouflage, there can be no excuses.” Earlier the source in the presidential administration told “Vedomosti” that the administration was the signal to promptly stop the illegal actions against the opposition, to investigate and punish the perpetrators.

Conditional “help” of the government will not stop the threat of punishment, they often avoid it at the local level, so they are trying to explain that such actions only lead to the promotion of the opposition, said the official.

Navalny reported that the investigation is not conducted, in spite of the submitted application. According to him, Internet activists managed to establish the identity of the two assailants, who according to their information, are members of the Serb group.

Navalny also sent to the competent court of the statement for the inaction of law enforcement agencies. The lawyer Bulk Ivan Zhdanov said that he did not know whether it was a criminal case about the attack on the policy.