The level of air pollution in Beijing exceeded the norm 20 times

The level of harmful particles in the air in Northern China and the capital Beijing exceeded the norm 20 times. About it reports BBC News.

Recommended by the world health organization (who) norm is 25 micrograms per cubic meter in Beijing, the figure is currently 500 micrograms.

Authorities have issued a special warning advising people, especially the elderly and children not to leave their homes and less to be on the streets.

Cause of smog became the dust storm, which covered the city in the night of Thursday, may 4.

In recent years the environmental situation in China has deteriorated. Due to the high concentration of industrial emissions, the city could periodically covers. 8 January it was reported that Chinese authorities took the decision on the establishment of environmental police, with the aim of reducing air pollution. The duties of this structure include the monitoring of cases of unauthorized burning of trash, wood, and other biomaterials.

In early January in Beijing was declared “orange” level of air pollution is the second danger. In this regard, in the six city freeway was stopped traffic. In addition, temporarily stopped work on a number of buildings and businesses.