The Iraqi army launched an offensive on Mosul from the North

The Iraqi army launched an offensive from the North to the city of Mosul, which continue to resist the militants banned organization “Islamic state” (IG). About it reports Reuters.

Strike part of the 9th armored division of the Iraqi army with the support of the police special forces. “In the first hours our troops had developed a high rate of advance, the front of the Islamists is broken, they retreat,” said army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul. To date has covered over a mile, the target for the attackers — to get to the Tigris river and cut off communications with the insurgents in the North of the city. Air operation support aircraft of the United States.

The operation to liberate the Western part of Mosul, the so — called Iraqi capital IG — underway since February of this year with the participation of aircraft of the international coalition led by the United States. In late March, Iraqi security forces have decided to suspend massive attack due to the increased number of casualties, however, on April 14, the battle for the center of the city resumed. At the end of April, the Iraqi army has announced that it plans to finally clean up Mosul in June.