The human rights activists, the United States faces a year in prison for laughter in Congress

The human rights activists, the United States faces a year in prison for laughter in Congress

WASHINGTON, may 3. /Offset. TASS Andrey Shitov/. Activist of women’s human rights movement, Code Pink (“Code pink”) Desiree Fairuz laughed in January at a hearing in the U.S. Congress. Now she herself and two of her friends faces for this year’s jail time. In the high court of WA a jury found all three in violation of public order.

Women came on January 10 at the confirmation hearing Jeff and Roman sessions with the new Minister of justice and attorney General of the USA in pink headdresses and torches, like the statue of Liberty, and posters to protest against the racism and xenophobia. According to them, they intended to Express disagreement with the appointment and Roman sessions and in General with the approach of the new US administration to the admission of refugees. To provoke his arrest, they claim their intention was not included.

In the beginning of the hearings representing the Ministerial candidate Senator Richard Shelby said that sessions is known for its commitment to the principle of equality of all Americans before the law. In response, 61-year-old Fairuz a couple of times has published some sounds. To protect its hindsight says that it is not very loud, grinned, charge that snort loudly. Whatever it was, along with her friends was taken from the courtroom and detained.

Code pink protesters demanding Congress “stop Sessions” from becoming attorney general

— Mary Bruce (@marykbruce) 10 Jan 2017

To plead guilty and settle the matter peacefully Trinity refused, demanding of the court. Now the court held, the jury returned its verdict. The case for the judge’s sentence. After him, according to upset human rights lawyer, her lawyer will think about how best to appeal against decisions.