The defense Ministry has posted a new photo red and striped Sergei Ivanovich


official page of the Ministry of defense of Russia in Facebook

The defense Ministry announced the name of the cat who participated in the campaign of Russian ships to the shores of Syria. Appropriate post posted on page offices in Facebook.

“Mediterranean campaign “sailor” Sergei Ivanovich, on Board guard missile cruiser “Moskva”,” — noted in the publication. The social network has also appeared a few new photos of red striped pet. One of the photos he beats bottles — rings the bell (this is, in particular, to indicate the time).

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Sergey Ivanovich — the name and patronymic of the commander of the “Moscow”. “The cat is a native of Sebastopol was curious — in good weather, walked on the deck and often attended the morning constructions”, — the newspaper notes.

After Facebook, the Ministry of defence appeared the first picture of this cat, users have complained that the Agency did not call him a nickname. One commenter suggested that the pet name is Matroskin. “Petty officer first class Kotovsky!” another said.

The post drew the attention of the British newspaper the Telegraph, which pointed out that “this cat’s got a more dangerous job than the cats in Westminster, which mainly meet with foreign ambassadors and catch mice.”

Cats began to take on ships since ancient times. They are needed for pest control and fun and maintain a favorable atmosphere on Board. Sergey Ivanovich became the first cat to participate in such a long voyage, indicated by “MK”.

Cruiser “Moskva” — the flagship of the black sea fleet left Sevastopol and headed to the Mediterranean sea on 24 September 2015 to participate in the exercises. After in November, the Turkish air force shot down involved in the fight against terrorists in Syria, Russian su-24 bomber, the ship took a position near Latakia with the aim of covering the base Hamim from the air. In January 2016, the cruiser returned to Sevastopol.