“Spirit of destruction” and “war against all”: how was the debate Rules and Le Pen

“Spirit of destruction” and “war against all”: how was the debate Rules and Le Pen

MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. France held a debate between candidates for the presidency Emmanuel Macron and marine Le Pen. The teams have dedicated the lion’s share of airtime to the discussion of internal problems of the country, referring, however, issues of terrorism and foreign policy.

Mutual accusations and the “spirit of defeat”

In contrast to the “spirit of defeat”, which, according to Macron, represent the French extreme right, he wants to see “spirit of victory” and triumph of France. Macron recalled that France “has always been successful, because French is spoken around the world, the French culture is known all over the world.”

Le Pen stressed that, in contrast to his opponent, is a “popular” candidate. She noted that the French can see the “true nature” of the Macron, which, in her words, “never ceased to be a banker”.

Social issues

A significant amount of air time candidates spent on discussion of current social problems of the country, particularly unemployment. Him and Le Pen could not refrain from trying to hurt your opponent.

“Mr. macron candidate, who plays for globalization, instability, social violence, a war of all against all”, — said Le Pen.

“You, Mr. Minister of economy and adviser to President Hollande, was not a prescription for combating unemployment,” she said.

“Ms. Le Pen for a few minutes to explain to us your strategy in the field of employment. But you have no strategy” — ironically macron. “Your strategy is to tell as many untruths,” he criticized Le Pen, the former Minister of economy.

“What is most striking, you never answer questions. You have nothing to offer,” he said.

“Do you think that social cheat will help you when you find yourself at the Elysee Palace. I refer to the French as to the adults, I lie not,” said the candidate of the movement “Forward”.

The main threat is terrorism

The candidate from “National front” has noticed that her opponent does not pay security enough attention. According to her, security is “completely absent” in the program of the ex-Minister of the economy.

Le Pen declared the necessity “to carry out denationalization, to close down a Salafi mosque and to expel those who preach hate.” She also accused his opponent of “connivance against Islamic fundamentalism”.

She called for “zero tolerance” towards crime. According to her, this means that for any crime must be followed by inevitable punishment.

Makron, in turn, criticized the approach of Le Pen to fight against terrorism, noting the need for international cooperation. In his opinion, the closure of borders and other measures proposed by the candidate from “National front”, is not able to exert a real effect.

“We need to figure out how the French born and educated in France, becoming followers of fanatics,” — said the candidate of the movement “Forward”.

About Europe and the Euro

Macron criticized Le Pen in the opposition mood against the EU, and urged her to be more specific, asking, in particular, to explain how she sees the future of the French currency. “What you have to offer is a “war of currencies”, — told ex-the Minister of economy.
He also attacked “nationalism, protectionism and isolationism” Le Pen, saying that such a policy would be contrary to the course of history.

Le Pen, in turn, reminded his opponent that before the Euro, France had its own national currency. In addition, she stated the need for the return of the sovereignty of France.

Le Pen also mentioned the influence of Germany on France. “France in any case will be ruled by a woman. If it’s not me, it will be Merkel,” she said.

Relations with USA and Russia

Foreign policy of the Macron — a strong and independent France, which is part of Europe. According to him, the world is becoming increasingly unstable. Makron expressed willingness to cooperate with trump in the fight against terrorism. “My priority is the fight against Islamic terrorism, and I want to continue to fight them in Alliance with the United States,” — said the candidate of the movement “Forward”.

With regard to relations with Russia, macron has announced its intention to discuss with Moscow the situation in Ukraine, in Syria, however, assured that “do not obey the dictates of Mr. Putin.” Macron stressed that in this respect he differs from his opponent.

Le Pen, in turn, said that France today is in a subordinate position in relation to the United States and Germany. “She needs to regain independence,” — said the candidate from “National front”. According to her, France should be in the “equidistant position from the United States and Russia.” “Lectures on morality that Mr macron was reading here around the world — specialty socialists” — ironically it.

The results

In his concluding remarks, Le Pen repeated against an opponent your accusations in support of globalization and disregard for the interests of the country. “France, which you defend is not France,” she concluded.

Makron, in turn, stressed his commitment to reforms, stating its intention to combat terrorism, unemployment, illiteracy. “I want to see a peaceful and truly converted France,” summed up the candidate of the movement “Forward”.

In the first round of presidential elections in France, held on 23 April, the leader of movement “Forward”, the former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron scored 24,01% of the votes, the candidate from the party “national Front” marine Le Pen is 21.3%. They came out in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.