Russian rock musicians sang “Dark night” Victory Day

Russian rock musicians sang “Dark night” Victory Day

MOSCOW, may 3. /TASS/. Russian rock-musicians to the Victory Day together sang the famous song of the war years “the Dark night”. The premiere of the video took place on the REN TV channel.

In the creation of the video involved such musicians as Vadim Samoilov, Alexander F. Sklyar, Julia Chicherin, Vladimir Kristovskiy, Vadim Stepantsov and Sergey Galanin.

As directed by Inga Stepanovskaya (“Adults”, 2012).

Film7.7 Two fighters

Song by the rock stars will sound the channel every few hours to 9 may inclusive.

The video shows the story of the dramatic return of the winners of the great Patriotic war.

The role of the soldiers and the townspeople sang movie actors and theatres in Moscow: Andrey Kuzin, Anastasia Stepanova, Dmitry projdakov, Igor Meshcherin, Alexander Kryuchkov, Albina Markin, Ilya Loos, Yuri Gorin, Yaroslav Savchenko.

The song “Dark night” was written in 1943 for the film “Two soldiers” by composer Nikita Theological and poet Vladimir Agate. The first performer was Leonid Utesov, but the most popular was the version recorded by mark Bernes.

Song performed by Mark Bernes