Prosecutors found abuse with the aircraft in the “Mail of Russia”

Prosecutors found abuse with the aircraft in the “Mail of Russia”

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia has finished check of legality of acquisition and operation FGUP “Mail of Russia” the two purchased last summer Tu-204 aircraft for the carriage of parcels to the far East, Siberia and East Asia. The machines were handed over by the Federal state unitary enterprise in rent airlines that downloads mail only 15% of the possible aircraft load. The rest of the goods are transported in the interests of commercial firms, which, by the way, it costs ten times cheaper than the “Mail of Russia” paying for the maintenance of Tu-204. In the Federal state unitary enterprise referred to as the transaction and operation of aircraft cost-effective. Prosecutors demand to bring against the leadership of “Mail of Russia” criminal case.

According to “Kommersant”, the office for supervision of execution of laws on transport and customs sphere of the Prosecutor General started in January of this year, inspection subordinated to the Ministry of communications FSUE “Mail of Russia”, which dealt with the acquisition of two aircraft Tu-204-100C-03. Both cars, as previously told “Kommersant”, was purchased in August last year for shipping parcels to far East, Siberia and East Asia. FSUE purchased from leasing company “Ilyushin Finans Ko” the aircraft, previously operated “Transaero”, — each of them at a cost of 1.7 billion rubles. the Necessity of the transaction, the head of Russian post Dmitry Strashnov explained the difficulties with the delivery of mail and cargo in remote regions.

Prosecutors, according to “Kommersant”, found that the Federal state does not have permission to fly passed the aircraft on lease to OOO “Airline “Aviastar-TU”” and then he himself rented them from her.

And this was done, according to the surveillance, “on obviously unprofitable” for FSUE conditions that “lead to unreasonable costs” of the enterprise and pay at its expense for the carriage of goods other commercial organizations. According to the findings of the audit, only for the first month of rent and chartering of Tu-204 “Aviastar-TU” received from the post office 151 mln for the operation of aircraft (this amount includes the cost of fuel, airport charges and other payments), meanwhile, the company paid the “Mail of Russia” as rent only 71 million rubles.

“It is a strange situation, when “Aviastar-TU”, receiving two state of the aircraft, due to the difference of the price of the lease and the freight gets double profit in the amount of 80 million rubles for finding planes in operation” — according to a reviewer. Thus, according to them, the FSUE gave the airline the right to use the leased Tu-204 to transport the cargo of other firms. In the end, according to prosecutors, “Mail of Russia” is responsible for the costs of the airline related to this, although the percentage of goods transported of the Federal state unitary enterprise does not exceed only 15% of the total. According to preliminary calculations, relying only in December last year, two Tu-204 were transported 83 tons of cargo FGUP “Mail of Russia” and 465 tons of third-party organizations.

The cost of transporting a kilogram of cargo to FGUP “Mail of Russia” with consideration of the cost of maintaining and refueling aircraft is 970 rubles, for businessmen — only 86 RUB

In the actions of the management of “Mail of Russia” the prosecutors saw signs of the crime provided by article 201 of the criminal code (abuse of authority), sending the materials for making procedural decisions in the TFR.

In the company “Aviastar-TU” from comments have refrained. In the “Mail of Russia” reported that the acquisition of aircraft allowed the Federal state unitary enterprise “do not depend on schedules of passenger air transport”, and at the same time “solve the problems caused by increased mail volumes from China and other countries.” Private aircraft noted in the “Mail of Russia”, allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver the growing volume of international mail cargo including the regions of Siberia and the Far East and successfully pass a record peak of parcels (primarily orders from online stores) in the new year period. In the “Mail of Russia” plans to further expand its fleet.

“The problem, which was solved by “Mail of Russia” with the acquisition of two private aircraft, was the fact that regardless of the availability of regular air traffic to ensure timely delivery to our citizens of mail, including from China. Now “Mail of Russia” does not depend on whether or not scheduled flights to destinations with the most downloading the mail, and the ability of the airlines to take the mail on these flights. “Mail of Russia” has independently received the opportunity to organize the work so that delivery time was fast and not dependent on external contractors.

But if there is not enough mail for a full load its own aircraft, “Mail of Russia” has additionally loads of other companies and earns them money, and rightly so. Because flights must make a profit and not a loss.

In fact, I was able to combine the interests of the citizens for timely delivery of parcels and interests of enterprises to improve the efficiency of its logistics,” — said “y” Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications Mikhail Evraev (in charge of postal services).

Commenting on the growth of these planes in the mail, Mr. Evraev noted that the purchase of aircraft were made “ahead of the curve”, given double the annual increase in email traffic from abroad, particularly from China. “If in the next year from China, the flow of parcels will increase in two times, which will provide them fast delivery? Only these planes,” he stresses. Thus mister Evraev also declined to comment on the claim of the Prosecutor General.

Sergey Sergeev, Vladislav New