Makron: the Russian President will be for France a partner in the solution of a number of regional issues

Makron: the Russian President will be for France a partner in the solution of a number of regional issues

PARIS, may 4. /Offset. TASS Ivan Batyrev/. The candidate in presidents of France from the movement “On the March” Emmanuel macron, if elected, is willing to work with the political leadership of the Russian Federation to resolve “a number of regional issues,” but did not believe that the French and Russian sides shared the same values.

This opinion was expressed during the election debate with his rival on the second round of elections, the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, the TV channel BFM TV on Wednesday evening.

“As for Mr (Russian President Vladimir approx. TASS) Putin, he took a seat at the negotiating table on a range of issues: the conflict in Ukraine, which is necessary to achieve a de-escalation, gradually to normalize it, but you need to honor the current process; and the conflict in Syria, where it needs to be at the negotiating table, where it is one part of the solution, but in any case, I obey the dictates of Mr. Putin — there’s a big difference from the program of Mrs. Le Pen,” said he.

As stressed macron, on the Syrian issue, he wants to make “a priority the fight against Islamist terrorism, which is rampant in the region.”

“Besides, I want to achieve a negotiated political solution for Syria with the participation of all parties. So, this will be a working partner to solve some regional problems, which I will lead the discussion, but aware that on many issues we have different values and different priorities”, — the politician concluded.

The partnership with the United States

In the event of his election, macron intends to offer the US to maintain partnerships for collaboration on key issues of world politics.

“Our world increasingly destabilized. He destabilized economically destabilized in terms of international security, because terrorism takes place outside our borders, and it destabilized the reformatting of existing alliances. Priority in foreign policy will be the fight against Islamist terrorism, while continuing to work within the framework of alliances, and in this regard, I will propose (the President of the USA — approx. TASS) Mr. Trump to continue working with the United States, which is our partner in terms of intelligence, are our partner at the table of the UN Security Council”, — he said.

As stressed macron, Paris is strategically interested in keeping a close partnership with Washington. “We need them, and I wish that we continue this work as we have been since the Second world war, and even earlier in the same camp, although we acted in an independent way, — the politician said. — We need to have this close cooperation to our security”.

The presidential candidate of the Republic also noted that in the case of election to the highest state post he wished to continue the foreign policy line laid down in 1958 the first President of the Fifth Republic by Charles de Gaulle and continued by the first President, socialist Francois Mitterrand, first elected in 1981.

“The independence of France, so I want to see France strong, able to carry out his reforms, trustworthy and has strong positions in Europe,” he said.