In Russia prepare the equivalent of a green card

In Russia prepare the equivalent of a green card

“The card of the compatriot” will give Russian-speaking foreigners the right to enter and work in Russia.

The Ministry proposes to introduce in 2019 the Russian equivalent of a green card. It will give highly qualified foreigners of Russian origin, who is fluent in Russian language, the right of entry to Russia and work in the country. Such plans are described in the draft programme “Digital economy”, prepared by the Ministry of communications. On the eve of the may holidays, the document was sent for approval to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of economic development.

Program “Digital economy” consists of a large number of sections. In the section “involvement of foreign specialists and Russian specialists, who went abroad” says that by 2019, should be introduced into circulation a map of the Russian compatriot, providing foreign specialists of high qualification of Russian origin, who is fluent in Russian language, the right to enter and work in the territory of the Russian Federation.

This must be a elaborate system of qualification assessment working in Russia cardholders of employers and also developed a set of measures to support staying in Russia for specialists who receive high ratings.

On 25 April, the draft programme “Digital economy”, approved by the Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, was sent for approval to the Department concerned.

The communications Ministry declined to comment.

According to the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinicheva, the introduction of the card will be useful for Russia, but its effectiveness would be higher if it was implemented a few years ago.

— During the financial crisis in the US, many workers were willing to move and work with us. It was then that it was necessary to implement such a program. Now it doesn’t work, — said Dmitry Marinichev. In any country there is a program for training. To specialists arrived, you need to give them the opportunity of self-realization. Scientist needs the opportunity studies, which it can’t do elsewhere. Entrepreneur — the ability to produce the product and sell it on the market. Today will be willing to move to Russia, but there will be little.

According to the President of the portal SuperJob Alexei Zakharov, USA green card get low-skilled workers. If the professional chooses, he will be able to come illegally, to find work — and the employer will make every effort to legalize the stay of a specialist.

At the beginning of 2017, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev announced the development of the bill, which introduces the concept of the “Russian card”. Its owner would have the right to certain privileges — to work in Russia, free education, medical care, etc. to the “Russian card” would former citizens of the USSR or their relatives. However, the bill is still not introduced in the state Duma.

Similar documents are issued in many countries, such as Poland.

The project aims to promote culturally similar labour migrants in Poland. Card holders can get free long — term visa with the right for multiple crossing of Polish borders without any additional documents. They have the right legally to work or engage in entrepreneurial activity without a special permission, free access to all state museums, get free education in Poland on the same basis as the citizens of the country.

The Ministry has stated that it has not yet received the draft document. The communications Ministry and the interior Ministry has not provided the operational review.