In Fargo find out how many Russians ready to support Putin in the elections-2018

In Fargo find out how many Russians ready to support Putin in the elections-2018

MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. The level of electoral support of the incumbent President of Russia Vladimir Putin is in the range of 61-66% in the case of his participation in the presidential elections of 2018, he can vote about 70-75% of the voters, however, none of the potential opponents will not be able to make a meaningful competition and the campaign will be of a referendum scenario, according to the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd).

Thursday Fcsd presented another study on the phenomenon of “Putin’s majority”. In preparing the report, the Fcsd experts analyzed the data of sociological surveys conducted by Romir, VTSIOM and FOM.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoys an unprecedented support of the population. None of the possible opposing candidates in the upcoming elections cannot be meaningful competition to the incumbent that allows to make inference plebiscite character of the upcoming campaign for elections of the President of the Russian Federation. Studies show that the level of electoral support is in the range of 61-66%,” — said in the report.

Experts drew attention to the large percentage of supporters of Putin among respondents aged 18-24 years. According to Romir, in this age group (those who will take part in the elections), 65% of respondents ready to vote for Putin. “This is the highest level of electoral support, exceeding other age category,” — noted in the report of Fargo.

The level of support in other age groups, according to sociologists, ranging from 56% (in the group 45-59 years) to 64% (in the group of 24-34 years). A similar level of electoral support characteristic of all social groups of people with different levels of education, living in rural areas and in the cities.

In Fargo said that the analysis of all these figures should be adjusted for the percentage of respondents who reported non-participation in the elections, are planning to spoil the ballot and “undecided” or those who found it difficult to answer. Such, according to Romir, today 23%.

“It is also necessary to note that almost a fifth of those who at the time of the survey did not determine the choice of guessing for themselves largely support Putin’s candidacy that in the end could mean the final support of its voters at about 70 — 75%,” — said in the report.

In the first report of Fargo, released in may, 2015, the experts noted that “Putin’s majority” is represented in almost all sectors and groups of Russian society are supporters of the President who shares his ideology, consistently supporting the program, and political action. It is a nuclear electorate Putin, around which the consolidation of the broader mass of voters. “Putin’s majority” is stable, has the potential for expansion and has a significant impact on politics and public life in Russia, experts noted.