In 51 regions of Russia declared a special fire-prevention mode

EMERCOM of Russia has introduced a special fire-prevention mode in 51 regions of Russia. It implies a ban on cultivation of fires, burning grass, trash, debris, and also to travel in the forest, according to RIA Novosti.

As noted in a press-service of the Ministry, in the framework of the announced regime is patrolling the residential sector and forest areas using unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as performed the modeling of the development of the most dangerous lesions. The population is informed about the situation and the actions of the rescuers.

Special fire-prevention mode is distributed on three far Eastern region, 12 regions of the Siberian, Ural five regions, 11 regions of the Volga, one region of the North Caucasus, one of the South region, four regions of the North-West and 14 regions of the Central Federal district.

At the end of April the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov signed a draft order on allocation of budget appropriations in the amount of 143 million roubles from Reserve Fund of the government. This amount will partially cover the cost of financial providing of measures on liquidation of emergency situation as a result of fires in the Siberian Federal district.