Advisor to Erdogan hinted on a random rocket attack on the Americans in Syria

Ilnur Cevik

Advisor to the President of Turkey, Ilnur Cevik, said the possibility of accidental blow to the American forces that interact with the Kurdish people’s protection Units (YPG, a wing of the PKK) in Northern Syria. This was announced by the publication Foreign Policy.

“We do not expect that there is military equipment. Suddenly, by pure chance, several of them can get to them,” said Cevik.

The last time U.S. special forces have increased presence in the Kurdish areas in Northern Syria, including in the city of Manbij, recently placed under the protection of the international coalition.

As noted by RIA Novosti with reference to the American media, the military began patrolling the Syrian-Turkish border to prevent possible incidents.

The statement of Cevik sounded on may 3, the day when Sochi hosted a meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The politicians discussed the creation of four zones to reduce tensions in Syria. It was about territories in Idlib province, to the North of the city of HOMS, Eastern ghouta and in the South of the country.

On 25 April, the Turkish air force launched air strikes on objects of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), located near the mountain range of Sinjar (North-Western Iraq and northeast Syria). In Ankara, believe that the PKK members coming from these areas in Turkey the weapons, explosives and ammunition for attacks on military checkpoints. A day later between the parties began full-scale battles.