US alarmed over plans Maduro convene a Constitutional Assembly

The American administration is deeply concerned with the decision of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro convene a Constitutional Assembly. About it as transfers TASS, said on a telephone briefing for journalists the Deputy assistant Secretary of state for Western hemisphere Affairs Michael Fitzpatrick.

In his opinion, a new step Maduro “flouted the will of the Venezuelan people and further eroding Venezuelan democracy.” This decision, he added, complements the efforts of Caracas, which was aimed at preventing new elections and the usurpation of the powers of Parliament.

Fitzpatrick noted that against the background of a complex of interrelated crises in political terms the regime “polarized society in the country and in the international arena have isolated themselves.”

Washington continues to insist that Caracas held a “free, fair and transparent elections in the nearest future”, said the American diplomat.

The actions of Maduro Fitzpatrick was described as a new attempt to “change the rules of the game”. “Realizing that his grip weakened, he tries to manipulate the cards to ensure that he and his cronies, access to power, privileges and protection”, — said the representative of the state Department.

Monday, may 1, Maduro signed the decree about convocation of the constituent Assembly in the country, which will be empowered to amend the Constitution.

The opposition, which holds a majority in Parliament, criticized the initiative, Maduro criticized, refused to acknowledge it, considering the coup d’etat, and urged people to take to the streets.

In Venezuela, for several weeks, continuing mass protests. During collisions of locals with police killed at least 29 people. Citizens dissatisfied with the economic situation and require the appointment of early elections.