U.S. Secretary of state called a very constructive conversation trump and Putin

Rex Tillerson

The presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin had a very constructive telephone conversation, and details exchanged views on several issues, said on Tuesday, may 2, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, reports the Associated Press.

“It was a very constructive call… a very, Very positive conversation a detailed exchange of views,” said Tillerson to reporters and said, “so, let’s see what happens”.

About the telephone conversation between the leaders of Russia and the USA became known in the evening on 2 may. The Kremlin said that Putin discussed with the trump of coordination of Russia and the USA in combating international terrorism, creation of prerequisites to start the real settlement process in Syria and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Putin and trump has supported the continuation of contacts on the phone, and in favor of the organization of personal meetings in relation to the meeting of the summit “group of twenty” on 7-8 July in Hamburg.

In turn, the White house statement says that “the conversation was very good and contained a discussion of the safe, or deescalation, areas for achieving lasting peace”.

12 April in Moscow held talks Rex Tillerson and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. After them the foreign Ministers of the two countries met with the Russian President. The Kremlin noted that communication was constructive.