Trump reacted to the statement by Clinton about the reasons of its defeat in the elections

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump commented on Twitter the opinion of his former rival in the election, a democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who called the culprits of his defeat of Russian hackers and FBI Director James Komi.

“Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton, that gave her the opportunity to make a lot of bad things! False story about trump and Russia were the pretext, which the Democrats used with the aim to make excuses for the defeat. Maybe trump just ran a great campaign?” — wrote the President.

Clinton said that “was on her way to victory when the letter Komi and Russian WikiLeaks… scared off the voting.” In her opinion, the alleged evidence of Russian interference in the American election campaign “convincing and compelling”.

28 Oct 2016 Komi said, FBI will resume its investigation of the leak of the official correspondence of Clinton, which occurred in her tenure as Secretary of state. The scandal with e-mail, Clinton erupted in March 2015. It turned out that, while in public office, she led business correspondence using personal email box.

WikiLeaks shortly before the election of the President has published tens of thousands of documents, under the General title “letters Podestà”. John Podesta was the head of election campaign of Clinton. The first part of materials was published on 7 October, the last on 31 October. The dissemination of these data, the candidate from Democrats has accused Russia. Moscow denies all charges.