The girl lit the candles in the temple and boasted.

A native of the Kemerovo published in the social network “Vkontakte” photo lights up from the candle in one of the temple girl. It is reported

Internet users contacted the girl to determine whether she is pictured here, standing as your avatar. The editorial Board of the portal was her correspondence with one of the users. She admits that she is from Kemerovo and the photo is her face.

Judging from the picture, she lights it from the candle in the presence of the parishioners: one of them stands in front of the icons.

Some time later the lady changed her avatar.

Correspondent associated with the heroine of the picture that stated that the picture was in fact not hers, but borrowed from another wearer. To a journalist’s question why earlier in the conversation she claimed to the contrary, the girl replied that she “was bored”.

The interviewee in this case has confirmed that she is from Kemerovo, but now is in Kiev. found that reliable information about the owner of the account no: in the analysis of the cache of Google found that page previously belonged to Daria Casinoi and Ian Gallagher — both profiles are most likely fake.