Russian military has delivered 4.8 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria


RIA Novosti

Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria spent over the past day six of humanitarian operations in the provinces of Aleppo (4), Lattakia (1) and as-Suwayda (1). This is stated in the Bulletin of the Russian Center.

“In the city of Aleppo in the districts of Qadi Askar, Beniseed, Bustan of Alkasr Aziz and the residents transferred to 800 servings of hot food, 100 food packages and bread. 800 food parcels were handed over to residents of settlements, Chaubet-Burgal (Latakia province) and Taal (province of as-Suwayda)”, – stated in the Bulletin.

During the day, humanitarian aid has been 1492 resident. The total weight given to the population of humanitarian goods was 4.8 tons.

The Bulletin also notes that the Russian aircraft using parachute platforms delivered in the district of the city of Deir ez-Zor 21.5 tons of humanitarian goods (food) received by the Syrian authorities by the UN.