Russian ambassadors have identified an armed guard after the murder of Charles


RIA Novosti

The number of countries allocated a personal armed security supervisor of Russian embassies and diplomatic missions at the request of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

As reported “Газете.Ru” in a press-service of the Russian foreign Ministry, it was made after the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov.

“After the terrorist attack in Ankara, the number of States at our request, gave to the heads of Russian diplomatic missions personal armed escorts. Also made the necessary contacts between special services to ensure the safety of diplomats” – said in the Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry stressed that with the emergence of potential threats diplomatic missions are taken under the strengthened protection of police.

The Ministry noted that the basis for the physical protection of embassies and consulates is the duty of the commandants service, which is increasingly formed by specially trained military guards.

“For the protection of ambassadors and staff of embassies and diplomatic missions are at work, and the Russian special units. Such groups work in countries with high terrorist threat, of course, with the consent of the authorities of the host country,” added the Minister.

In the Ministry explained that, to the extent possible, seek to expand geography of the presence of such units. To ensure the safety of many diplomatic missions and other Russian objects abroad are actively involved and local private security companies.

Charles was shot dead on 19 December 2016 during a speech at the opening of the photo exhibition in Ankara. The attack was guarding Ambassador at the event, the police officer mevlüt Altıntaş, who was later eliminated in a shootout with police officers. The Russian foreign Ministry has described the incident as a terrorist attack.