Medvedev has approved subsidies for the purchase and construction of civil ships


RIA Novosti

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has approved the rules according to which from the Federal budget to Russian organisations will receive subsidies for reimbursement of the cost of acquisition and construction of new civil courts instead of disposed of. Relevant document published on the website of the Cabinet.

Subsidies provided to upgrade the fleet.

“This decision will allow to equip the commercial fleet of high-tech and competitive river vessels and mixed swimming, to increase turnover, to improve the quality of passenger transportation in remote regions of the country, will facilitate the introduction of new technologies in the shipbuilding industry, the upgrading and modernization of production capacities, creation of new jobs,” the document States.

The grant involves a one-time payment to shipping companies in payment for the construction of a new vessel provided the delivery for disposal of the old ship, which is more than 30 years and which during the last five years before its utilization was registered in the State ship registry or Russian international register of vessels. However, the subsidy will not be granted if the shipowner has been state support for the construction of new civilian ship in accordance with other normative legal acts.