Media: the organizers of the festival Outline stop working in Russia

Media: the organizers of the festival Outline stop working in Russia

MOSCOW, may 3 — RIA Novosti. Promotion group Arma17, which was engaged in the organization of the festival of electronic music Outline, will no longer work in Russia, announced its representatives to the edition “jellyfish”.

“After a train derailed a few hours before the start of events, festivals and parties in Russia “ARMA” is no longer planned. Festival Outline this year will not. While in the team’s only foreign event”, — quotes the edition the statement of the promoters.

In July 2016, the festival organizers Outline for a few hours before the start time announced the cancellation of the event. The Prosecutor’s office issued a warning to the festival organizers due to its inconsistency with the city authorities and the lack of fire safety on the territory of its carrying out. Prefecture South-Eastern district of Moscow said that the Outline was cancelled due to organizational and fire violations.

“Medusa” also recalls that on 29 April 2017 during the preparation for the ninth birthday promotion group at the Arsenal plant in St. Petersburg for the installation of the electricity was cut off and security escorted everyone out of the room and closed it before may 1. According to representatives of Arma17, they still have not received a single official document, explaining the incident.