Australian family found in the backyard of a Python swallowing a kangaroo

Australian family found in the backyard of a Python swallowing a kangaroo

Catchers snakes in the Australian suburb of Cairns was removed from the site of one of the families of the Python is so huge that at first it was a crocodile.

One morning, over the fence of the plot Rini Steenwinckel and her husband Plato Zapantis appeared the head of their neighbor. The head reported that in the backyard of the family lies the giant creeper. Zmeelov arrived on call, was amazed by the length and thickness of Python — judging by the size of the stuffed belly, the snake had lunch Wallaby or small kangaroo, writes the Cairns Post.

16ft-long python mistaken for CROCODILE after digesting child-sized wallaby

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) on may 1, 2017

“At first fil didn’t believe me when I told him the size of a Python, and when I saw that cursed, says Mrs. Steenwinckel. — Snake catcher called up his friend because a snake could be thrust into the trunk of the car just the two of us. They were so amazed that did the work for free.”

“Zmeelov said that the Python could swallow a six year old child,” added the hostess station.

5m Amethystine python eats fully grown Wallaby. Snake and Wallaby weighing in at around 40 kg. Quite a handful for 2 of us to pickup. This snake was to large to bag. We decided it would be best to try to carry the snake out of the open yard and take him down to a nearby creek.
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The backyard, where they found a snake — a popular place for children, including the neighborhood.

The captured Python was released into the wild on the banks of the Creek that flows nearby.