Two children in the Volgograd region were poisoned porridge with poison from insects

In the city of Volzhsky (Volgograd oblast) two children died, presumably because trapped in a mess of poison against insects. This was reported on the website of the regional investigation Department of the TFR.

According to preliminary data, on Sunday, April 30, in the apartment where the victims lived, was made sanitary treatment against insects. The next day, the parents feed seventeen-month-old boy and his four-month sister milk porridge and put to bed. In the afternoon they found that the children are dead.

Presumably, the poison got into the food during the cooking process. During the inspection, investigators found on an electric burner and a wooden pedestal unidentified powdery substance. Also seized was a spoon, baby bottles and other utensils, which are traces of the substance.

In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification. Children body is directed on is judicial-medical research.

In April, in Saratov, two pupils of one of kindergartens, six-year-old boy and seven-year-old — were poisoned and were hospitalized. Children found two tablets of rat poison and tried them. In fact the incident was being tested.