The predicted time and place of the powerful earthquake

The predicted time and place of the powerful earthquake

French and Chilean seismologists had predicted that in the next few decades in the area of Santiago (Chile) will be the highest on the planet an earthquake. The minimum magnitude of the quake, estimated to amount to 8.3. A study published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

The cause of earthquakes in South America will be the dip of the oceanic Nazca plate beneath the South American plate that occurs at the rate of about eight centimetres per year. In Santiago district, meanwhile, the process is inhibited due to friction between tectonic plates — the gap at 4.5 meters depth diving of ocean crust under continental every 70 years to make up during strong earthquakes.

The epicenter of the earthquake to come in valparaíso, located a hundred kilometers from the capital of Chile. The probability of occurrence of earthquakes in 2017 is estimated at three percent, which is two to three times above normal. Over time the risk of disaster will increase.

To such conclusions experts have come, analyzing the data on the earthquake that occurred near the town of Illapel in September 2015. Then the maximum magnitude was 8.3. Over the last century in Illapel powerful earthquakes occur every 60-80 years.

The authors note that the most powerful in the history of mankind earthquake also occurred in Chile in 1960, 570 kilometres South of Santiago, its magnitude was 9.5.