The Ministry proposed to assign degrees without dissertation

The Ministry proposed to assign degrees without dissertation

The Ministry of education and science proposed to simplify the award of degrees. To obtain title under certain conditions, is not necessarily to defend the thesis.

The Ministry of education and science has prepared a draft law “On scientific, scientific-technical and innovation activities in the Russian Federation”, which proposes in particular to simplify the procedure of awarding scientific degrees. As told TASS the Director of the Department of science and technology Minister Sergey Matveev, get a degree with no thesis defense, in the totality of publications in scientific journals or obtained patents.

According to him, the need to “relieve” unnecessary formalities “active and productive researcher, who does work, gets the scientific results, publish them or get the patents.”

Matveyev said that the proposals of the Ministry of education has already received a high estimation of expert Council under the Committee on science of the State Duma.

The state Duma Committee for education and science the proposals assign degrees on the totality of scientific articles, told RBC member of the Committee, Hajime nǝbiağalı. “I supervise the high school, and past me would have such a proposal would not have passed, but I never heard of bill, nor of this discussion in April,” — said the Deputy. According to him, the award of an aggregate is the wrong measure that would hurt the Russian science.

The proposal of the Ministry of education may lead to negative consequences for Russian science, told RBC, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko. “This is not the best idea. Maybe it is even destructive and disruptive proposal. If it is now actively discussed, then that desire is gripping the leadership of the Ministry of education, but this does not mean that the bill will be adopted”, — said the Deputy. According to him, the Committee’s proposal is not even studied. “Yes, we have some expert advice, but they give is only advice,” — said Onishchenko.

Co-founder of the community “Discerned” Andrew zayakin told RBC that the discussion of the initiative of the Ministry of education about assignment of scientific degrees without dissertation “is not unfounded”. “I tried to find out whether in principle such an initiative. On the website of the state Duma, I found nothing. I have a question for Matveyev: why isn’t it a document? He let us show it,” said he.