The mayor of Chisinau gave the prize to “Bribe of the year” in the form of fish and Hominy

The mayor of Chisinau gave the prize to “Bribe of the year” in the form of fish and Hominy

Previously, the official winner of the title “the Idler and the pest of the year” and “Mud year”.

CHISINAU, 2 may. /Offset. TASS Valery Demidetski/. The deputies of the municipal Council of Chisinau presented the mayor, the Vice-President of the Pro-European Liberal party (PL) Dorin Chirtoaca prize “Trick of the year” in the form of polenta (porridge made from maize flour, the national Moldovan dish — approx. TASS) and fish. So they celebrated last week the arrest on suspicion of corruption, Deputy mayor Nistor Grozavu and fellow party member, mayor — Minister of transport Yury Kirinya.

The choice of prize, the deputies explained that the party chief of the mayor — the leader of the Liberal party Mihai Ghimpu, after the broadcast on the local TV personnel real-time imagery captured the moment of transfer of a bribe to Kirinya, tried to justify himself, saying that “the package could be fish or Hominy”.

Earlier, the mayor of Chisinau was awarded the title of “the Idler and the pest of the year” for poor organization of works on liquidation of consequences of the snow storm that hit Moldova at the end of last week. The MPs also handed a symbolic prize — rubber boots, saw and gloves. And two months ago, they awarded Chirtoaca of the title “Douche of the year”, putting him on the table as a prize-filled dirt Cup. Thus was marked the “merits” of the mayor in turn the capital into one of the most polluted and undeveloped cities in the country.

Last week the appellate chamber of Chisinau met the demand of opposition MPs to organize a referendum on resignation of the mayor. For its part, the liberals forming the ruling in Moldova Pro-European coalition parties, viewed the mass arrests as political pressure.

“All those detentions aim to discredit our party, to show that protecting European values Ghimpu steal from the European funds”, — said the leader of the party. He noticed that only last week on corruption charges, was detained delegated to the government by the liberals, the Minister of transport Chirinciuc, two Deputy mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca and other officials.

Observers attribute the problems of the liberals that the ruling in Moldova, the Democratic party has the opportunity to form a parliamentary majority without the participation of liberals, the representatives of which were involved in compromising the power of corruption scandals. According to the survey, the current Pro-European coalition does not trust more than 80% of the population.