The inhabitant of Bashkiria have sunk on the spot death of a drowned friend

In Sterlitamak (Bashkiria) is a local resident drowned in the White river during a Wake for a drowned friend. It is reported portal

On Sunday evening, April 30, four men came to the river to honor the memory of a friend who died in this place in August 2016. One of the friends was hot, he decided to swim. It is noted that the 35-year-old man sailed to the coast about 10 meters, and then began to sink. To save him failed.

In April in Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast) 45-year-old local resident died on the grave of his father on Parent’s day. A man came with his mother to the cemetery, where his health deteriorated. Arrived on the scene, medics were unable to save him. Allegedly, the man suffered from acute heart failure.