The FBI woman was married to a militant “Islamic state”

Employee of the FBI, US Daniel green, performing the duties of an interpreter went in 2014 to Syria and got married there over the militants of the international terrorist grouping “Islamic state” Dennis Kuspert, reports CNN.

Green Kuspert warned that the U.S. authorities began the investigation against him. A few weeks after the marriage, she, apparently, realized his mistake and returned home.

The woman agreed to cooperate with the investigation and pleaded guilty to perjury. In the end, she was sentenced to two years in prison and was released in the summer of 2016.

One, a former rapper from Germany, was considered an influential militant groups. He was engaged in propaganda and, in particular, participated in the filming of the videos, one of which appeared, holding a severed human head.

Broadcaster asks, not too soft, American justice has treated Greene.

In Russia, the “Islamic state” is included in the list of terrorist organizations, for participation in activities which provide for criminal liability.