Russian military Advisor killed by a sniper militants in Syria

© AP Photo/Andoni Lubaki

MOSCOW, 2 may. /TASS/. Russian military Advisor killed in Syria shelling units of the Syrian army sniper militants, the report said the defense Ministry.

“As a result of attack by fighters of the units of the Syrian troops killed a Russian military adviser, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei buchelnikov,” – said the Ministry. Alexey buchelnikov was in Syria in the composition of the group of Russian military advisers. He was responsible for training the personnel of the artillery units of the troops of Syria.

“During the military training of the Syrian unit came under sniper fire fighters”, – is spoken in the message of the Ministry. “Colonel buchelnikov was fatally wounded”, – said the Ministry.

The last time a similar incident took place on April 20. Then in an attack by gunmen on a military garrison of government troops killed a Russian military adviser major Sergei Burgundy.

It is known that when the attack of the Russian officer organized actions of Syrian troops, not allowing a breakthrough of terrorists in the residential town. During the fight the officer was fatally wounded. The command Burgundy was presented to the state award posthumously.