Russia demanded that the U.S. evidence of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq


RIA Novosti

Official Moscow has addressed to Washington with an appeal to submit to the UN security Council evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, according to the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Russia noted that the U.S. stands “to share with the Security Council with evidence of the crimes of ISIL (ISIS, is prohibited in Russia) and other terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan, received by the us military in 2015-2016 directly from the field of application of the extremists of toxic substances”.

“Would not hurt also to see the “irrefutable” evidence storage at the Syrian air base Shirt chemical weapons that were allegedly used in the air strikes on Khan Sheyhun, and to understand why the alleged cimitidine in the Syrian province of Idlib Washington acted in violation of international law”, — the document says.

Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the peaceful settlement in Syria threatens the situation that arose after the incident in Idlib and the U.S. attack on Syrian air base. The West and the Syrian armed opposition accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun (Idlib). The authorities have denied.

On the night of 7 April, the United States attacked Syrian airport in response to the alleged use by the Syrian military of chemical weapons in Idlib.