Merkel headed to the East


RIA Novosti

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives today in Sochi at the invitation of the Russian side. She will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to experts, the reasons for the visit of Frau Merkel several. In Hamburg on 7-8 July summit of the G20, so the Chancellor is extremely important to prepare the ground for the upcoming meeting. In addition, the President of the United States Donald trump never filed European allies clear signal of what position is going to take in relations with the EU and Russia. Angela Merkel apparently decided not to wait for signs from overseas and to try to smooth the angles in the dialogue with Moscow. Not the last role in this play and the parliamentary elections in Germany, which will take place in September.

The guest of Donald trump, Angela Merkel has already visited. However successful this visit can hardly be. Although the Republican and blurred in the traditional smiling at the camera, shaking hands with the Chancellor wished, and answers to questions that had accumulated in Europe to Trump, was never received. After the tour to the West Merkel headed to the East. According to Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimau, the German leader travels to Russia to get a clearer view of the possible outcome of the G20 summit, and to find the right tactics on the Russian direction in the run-up to elections in Germany.

After Brexit and cooling from the US to EU Affairs, the German leader became the “main conductor” of the European Union and wants to stay Chancellor. It is necessary to develop the right approach to relations with Russia. Her visit could affect the cooperation between Moscow and Brussels. Russia is ready for constructive dialogue — said, “Izvestia” Andrei Klimov, adding that the meeting in Sochi, not Moscow, favours more informal, trust-based dialogue.

Angela Merkel could hold the talks with Vladimir Putin tough stance. That probably would disrupt the share of the applause in Germany and to increase 1-2%. But in strategic terms, such a scenario will inevitably lead to the deterioration of bilateral relations.

I guess she will choose a different approach. Merkel should take advantage of the fact that the French, who are busy with the elections will not interfere with it, and the Americans never went in big “Ukrainian game”. It’s a chance to agree on the progress in the Minsk agreements, — said the “Izvestia” scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr.

Judging by recent statements, Angela Merkel has not forgotten about the once truly partner relations with Moscow. And the uncertainty of the position of Washington on the Russian track gives Berlin the opportunity to create an independent dialogue with Russia. Deputy Director of Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov said at the Munich conference the Chancellor said about the need to find common ground with Russia and look to the future.

Merkel and Putin will try to decide what to do next. In addition, Moscow and Berlin remains a variable called Donald trump. It is still unclear how the Americans build their European vector of foreign policy, including Russia, — said the analyst “news.”

Director of the German Center for Eurasian studies Manuel Oksenrayter I am sure the Chancellor flies in Sochi, knowing that among the population of Germany, as well as in business circles is growing dissatisfaction with the complex relations between Berlin and Moscow.

— Merkel faces a problem when, on the one hand, it is necessary to act in the national interest, and on the other — freedom for maneuver narrows “transatlantic partnership”, — the expert has told “news”.

The positions of Berlin and Moscow disagree on many issues, for example on the Syrian issue. The Chancellor realizes that the war in Syria directly affects Germany, given the immigration crisis, and that means we need to look for a solution. Criticizing Russia in the Ukrainian question, Germany was aware that the blame for the stalling of the Minsk agreements rests with Kiev, so it’s time to tone down the rhetoric against Moscow and add to the attitude construct. And procrastination is Donald trump with formulating the foreign policy agenda gives Berlin a chance to give Russian-German relations of their own.