Le Pen was accused of plagiarizing a campaign speech

Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, supported by the party “national front” could copy some fragments of his speech from former rival françois Fillon. This was announced by the colleagues of the representative of the right wing “Republicans” who lead a Youtube channel to Ridicule a TV.

Published on his page the video demonstrates the parallel performance of the Fillon from April 15 and Le Pen on may 1.

Some phrases are almost identical. For example, the Republican says: “the Rhine Is the frontier — the most open, the most dangerous but also the most promising. It’s a German world, which we often clashed, but with whom we will cooperate in many areas”.

Le Pen, in turn, declares virtually the same thing. “There is the Rhine frontier, the most open, the most promising is the German world, with whom we will cooperate in many areas, as long as we can maintain relations of Alliance, not subordination,” she says.

Both politicians also use the phrase of the French Prime Minister during the First world war Georges place Clemenceau: “In the past — a soldier of God, today soldiers of Liberty, France will always be a soldier of the ideal”.

According to BBC News, supporters of Le Pen responded to the accusations of plagiarism. According to the Deputy Chairman of the party “national front” Florian Filippo, her statement — “ironic reference” to the speech of Fillon, designed to start a discussion about the French identity. He also said that this demonstrated the willingness of far-right politician to abandon inter-party contradictions.

In the first round of the French presidential elections, which took place on April 23, centrist Emmanuel macron scored 24,01 percent of the vote, Le Pen — 21.3 percent. The second round will take place on may 7.