Le Pen was accused of plagiarism because of the citation of the speech of Fillon

Le Pen was accused of plagiarism because of the citation of the speech of Fillon

Presidential candidate of France’s extreme right National front, marine Le Pen, accused of using speech of her opponent françois Fillon, lost in the first round of elections. The representative of the party, Le Pen said in response that it was not plagiarism, a quote from a hint.

The similarity of the speeches, first drew the attention of the French satirical YouTube channel to Ridicule a TV, made a video in which excerpts from the speeches of Le Pen and Fillon almost perfectly superimposed on one another.

“There is such a Rhine frontier — the most open, the most dangerous and the most promising of the Germanic world that we so often come into conflict and with which we are yet so closely together”, — quotes Reuters an excerpt from the speech of Fillon’s announcement to supporters on April 15.

“The Rhine frontier, the most open and promising, the Germanic world, with whom we have to work closely, if we maintain a relationship with him allies, and become the master and the slave”, — quotes Agency the extract from the speech Le Pen.

As noted by French newspaper Liberation, in this passage, the similarities do not end there. These three passages. As the letter of Fillon, speech, Le Pen was built on the arguments about borders and neighbours of France and about the “special path” of the country. In addition, Le Pen used the same quotes from Georges Clemenceau and the writer Andre Malro that her opponent in the election.

The representative of the party of Le Pen “national front” in broadcast by French television said that Le Pen was quoted Fillon deliberately to send a signal to supporters eliminated in the first round of the presidential election candidate.

Marine Le Pen, at the election departed from the leadership of the far-right party the front national and the centrist Emmanuel macron reached the second round of the presidential elections, which will take place next Sunday.

Macron in favor of a United Europe and the reform of the European Union. Le Pen plays on nationalist sentiment in favor of closing the borders against migrants and allows in case of winning a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

According to public opinion polls, Makron ahead of Le Pen by about 20%. The promoted worker from party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon in the first round gained about 19% and dropped out of the race.