Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia”, state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Revenko believes that attacks on members of the opposition, social activists hinder the building of a civil society, they should be thoroughly investigated.

On his page on Facebook, the politician said that “in recent years, cases of attacks on individual leaders and civil activists.”

“I certainly condemn and do not accept any such violence and hooliganism. I am sure that this view is shared by my party comrades,” wrote Revenko, stating that “the burning of the balconies, throwing the green stuff – it is not a means of political struggle, and crime.” “And the investigation of each such incident should be conducted with care and the culprits identified and punished,” he said.

Noting that “such incidents are of serious public interest”, the MP expressed confidence that they “hinder the building of a civil society.” “We are committed to maximum transparency, dialogue and mutual respect. In our country all the conditions for such a civilized dialogue between representatives of different political parties, between spokesmen for different currents and views,” said Revenko. “In the end, the right to freely Express his opinion on any disputed point guaranteed by the Constitution. And no one has the right to violate it” – drew he attention.

“Not violence, but dialogue, the clash of opinions, reasoned discussion, real business and creative agenda is what we expect from voters today,” – says the representative of “United Russia”.

In recent days, information appeared about the unknown attacks on representatives including the opposition forces. So the Metropolitan police on 28 April began pre-investigation checks on the fact of attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is unknown splashed in the face with green paint. Also the Metropolitan police nuzzled the test after the attack on the activist of party “the Apple” Natalia Fedorova, which received a chemical burn of the eye. In Stavropol, was attacked blogger Ilya Varlamov, which, according to him, also poured green paint and was hit several times.