In the United States began to issue green cards of the new sample

In the United States began to issue green cards of the new sample

Service citizenship and immigration USA has released a new green card, said the radio station Voice of America.

We continue to “take an active stance in the fight against the threat of forgery and fraud,” the radio quoted a message service. According to Voice of America, the new green card graphics are changed, they will no longer be signed by the owner, and his photo will be printed on both sides,

Starting in May, you will begin seeing new designs on the Green Cards and Employment Authorization Documents that we issue.

— USCIS (@USCIS) on may 1, 2017

Also among the features of the new green card — “a unique graphic images and color palette, as well as a holographic image. In addition, the documents depicted the Statue of Liberty in predominantly green, the report says.

According to the report on the website of citizenship and immigration of the United States, the documents of both new and old design is valid until the end of their term. The rules for issuing documents remain the same, the report says.

Some green cards and other documents — permission to work automatically renewed and have no expiration date, these cards also remain valid, noted in service. At the same time the owners of these cards can replace them with a new sample documents. “Replacement card will reduce the likelihood of fraud or fraud in case the card is lost or stolen,” — said in the service.