In the mayoralty of Moscow has told about not included in the renovation project of the five-story building

Sergei Sobyanin

In the vote on the renovation of housing in Moscow is not included the house in a satisfactory condition, and those residents who oppose or doubt. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the materials for the meeting of the government Presidium.

“In the list for voting was not included houses in satisfactory technical condition. In addition, the list does not included the house, a significant part of population which is against or sceptical about the merits of participation in the program of renovation”, — follows from the presented materials.

On Tuesday, may 2, was released a list of homes that can be included into the programme of renovation of residential quarters. Document published on the portal of the government of Moscow, it includes 4546 objects. The list included the building of the first period of industrial housing and some other similar homes.

As noted by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the list contains five-story building, which is in an unsatisfactory technical condition and in which a large proportion of residents willing to participate in the renovation programme. Clarifies that buildings are in good condition, the list has not got.

Earlier, Sobyanin said that residents of Khrushchev will be able to refuse demolition of their homes. He also reported that the resettlement programme will start in autumn 2017.

In addition, Sobyanin promised that new houses will be more spacious apartment. It is planned that the living space will increase by 20 percent.

Demolish everything in Moscow Khrushchev and build in their place new housing has ordered the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in February.