In Ivanovo burned “the house of Baba Yaga”

The oldest wooden building in the city of Ivanovo, built in 1800 by carpenter Vasily E. Kurbatov, burned. On Tuesday, may 2, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the regional Glaucus MOE.

The fire in the house №7 along the street Postysheva was recorded during the night of may 2 02:55 GMT. At 03:11 Moscow time the fire was liquidated. “As a result of a fire fire damaged two private houses and outbuilding on a total area of 111 square meters. The dead and injured there,” — said the Agency.

A structure which passes on the documents as “house of Kurbatov”, protected by law as a monument of architecture. However, according to information from open sources, the people of the house called the hut of Baba Yaga. As noted IvanovoNews, the old building is almost completely overgrown vineyard, which creates “the impression of a mysterious and magical at the same time”.

According to the information portal, in February last year, the house roof collapsed.

However, as wrote “the Russian newspaper”, in 2014, the court ordered the living in the house the pensioner to repair the building until 2018. According to the Federal law “On objects of cultural heritage”, the burden of the repair of architectural monuments rests on the shoulders of the owner.

The newspaper also quoted the chief of the state protection of objects of cultural heritage of the Ivanovo region Alexander Martynov, who noted that since 2006 the mistress of the house deliberately evaded from signing of the security obligations, which is also stipulated by the Federal law “On objects of cultural heritage”.