In Bordeaux the night slashed the tires have 200 cars

About 200 cars were damaged in the night of Monday, may 1, in the French city of Bordeaux, said the radio station France Bleu.

At the police station one of the districts of Bordeaux have addressed dozens of motorists with the same complaint on the punctured wheel. The total number of applicants has close to two hundred.

All cars were punctured two wheels, one front and back. Most likely, you used a knife, as each wheel had a cut length of about two centimeters.

In the district of Bordeaux this is not the first case of massive damage to the cars. In December last year in a village unknown damaged wheels 48 cars. Find the criminals and failed.

In December 2015 on Rublevsky highway in Moscow, burned nine cars, including five BMW cars. All of them were unmarked and were in a guarded Parking lot.