Employee of the Omsk house of culture was burned in the attempt to assess alcohol

An employee of one of the houses of culture of Omsk died after an unsuccessful attempt to determine the quality of the alcohol. On Tuesday, may 2, RIA Novosti said the representative of Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Omsk region Larissa Boldinova.

According to her, employees of houses of culture decided to check normal whether the alcohol brought in a five-liter bottle of one of them, and set fire to the drink. “Some of the fluid got on the synthetic clothes of one of the employees, with the result that it burned,” — said the representative of the UK.

The man 1965 year of birth was hospitalized, but he died in hospital ten days later. In fact his death is under investigation verification. According to preliminary data, workers of DK tried to distinguish ethyl alcohol from methyl, which is dangerous for the body.

The incident occurred on 2 April, but local media reported it only on may 2 in State labour inspection in the region.

In December 2016, in Irkutsk there was a mass poisoning with methyl alcohol (concentrate for bathing “Hawthorn”). Died 76 people.